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When our lives become more and more online-oriented, we start keeping more sensitive data on the web. But with the development of digital technologies, frauds and crimes have also received the “cyber” prefix. E-documents, online banking, and crypto-wallets have become a target for cybercriminals and hackers.
Millions of people are hacked every year. Both common users and large businesses are suffering from financial losses because of password vulnerabilities. That’s why creating a strong password is the top priority aspect of cyber hygiene. What does a strong password mean and how to make it? Let’s figure it out.

What is a strong password?

A strong password is a combination of characters created to protect your account from unauthorized access. This combination should include special characters, numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters to minimize the risks of being hacked by cybercriminals.
Moreover, every single password should be unique and applicable to only one account. Because if cybercriminals succeed to hack it, they will get access to all your accounts.

How to make a strong password?

While creating a password users often use their names, phone numbers, birthdays, or dictionary words to make it easier to remember. That is not the best way to protect your sensitive information. So, let’s figure out how to make a strong combination of characters that will be impossible to hack. The following factors make your password virtually unbreakable:

  • Uniqueness. Every single password should be used on only one account. 
  • Length. A strong combination should include at least 10 characters. 
  • Variety of characters. Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols to make your password uncrackable. 
  • Randomness.  Use random combinations of characters instead of dictionary words or personal information (names, birth dates, phone numbers, etc.).

These simple rules can protect you from financial losses or losing your digital identity. But if you don’t want to rack your brain creating a unique and strong combination, you can use a random password generator.

Advice To Protect Your Passwords With An Easy Password Generator

A password generator is the best way to create new passwords for your accounts. It is a strong link in the system of your cybersecurity but there are still a lot of aspects of complete safety for your important data and accounts.

1. Use a different password for every site. No matter how strong your password is if you use it on multiple accounts. If it is hacked, you make all other accounts with the same password vulnerable.

2. Verify the strength of your password. There is plenty of tools integrated into password generators and password managers that can give you advice on strength of your combination.

3. Update your password regularly. Especially when it comes to bank accounts or other accounts of high importance. The frequent update prevents your data from being stolen.

4. Log out from your account after every session. When you use public devices it is not enough to just close a browser. And try to use reliable third-party password managers to keep your data safe.

5. Regularly update your device. Keep your hardware and software up-to-date to use the latest security algorithms on your gadget. Manufacturers usually release monthly updates with all the vulnerability fixes that happened this month.

6. Lock your device when you don’t use it. Smartphones and notebooks have various types of authentication like Face ID, fingerprint, password, etc. Try to keep your gadget locked no matter where you use it, at home, at your workplace, or at college.

7. Use Two-Factor Authentication on your accounts. Add an extra layer of security to your account and prevent it from being hacked with only one password.

8. Share your password securely. Don’t use messengers, paper sticks, or emails to share your passwords with colleagues. Luckily, password managers offer convenient sharing tools for this. What is a strong password?


Q: How do I get a random strong password for free?

The best way to get a random strong password for free is to use a password generator. You can find a reliable third-party tool or use a built-in password generator in a password manager. You can create an unlimited number of unique and strong passwords of any length with symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters. But don’t forget that you must use a unique password on every single account not to compromise your sensitive data. 

Q: Why should I use a strong password generator?

A strong password generator is a tool that allows you to automatically create reliable passwords using symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Moreover, you can choose the length of your password and minimize the risks of being hacked. It will take cybercriminals a decade to break a complex combination of 10 characters consisting of both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Q: Is there a safe password generator?

The password generator on this page is a safe and secure way to generate new unique and strong passwords. We neither keep the generated combination of characters on our servers nor share it with third parties. Moreover, you can check the strength of a password generated on our website with other services and ensure that it is secure enough to protect your data.

Q: What is the 8 4 rule for creating strong passwords?

When creating a password you should follow these rules:

1. Password length should be at least 8 characters. The longer your password is, the more time it will take to crack it.

2. Password should be complex enough and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character. 

That is often called the “8-4 Rule”: 8 = 8 characters minimum length, 4 = 4 different types of characters.