Password Requirements for Google

  • Must not be particularly weak (e.g., “pass1234”)

  • Must not have been used before on your account

  • Must not start or end with a white space

Everyone on the Internet wants to keep their data secure, but that’s usually easier said than done.

Each website or app has its own password requirements, and some secure platforms even make users change their login credentials periodically. Plus, you may have to keep track of your login credentials across multiple devices.

Passwords confirm our identity on the Internet, and they must be strong, following all rules and guidelines for generating hard-to-breach combinations. Read on to learn about Google password requirements and rules, as well as a useful tool that generates strong combinations instantly.

Google only needs these three easy requirements for your password. Firstly, it should be long and complex. Secondly, you can’t use old passwords for your Gmail. And finally, blank spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of your password.

Your password can be any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters (accented characters are not supported). If your password does not meet any of the three requirements that are mentioned above, you’ll be shown an error. In order to keep your data safe and prevent cyber criminals from getting into your Gmail, there are some google password rules to follow.

Rules for Creating a Gmail Account Password

Long passwords are generally stronger, so always try to come up with a combination of 12+ characters long. Google gives these rules, or rather tips, to help create long and easy-to-remember passwords:

  • The lyrics of a song or poem

  • A quote from a speech

  • A line from a book

  • A series of words that are significant to you

  • An abbreviation from a sentence

Moreover, you should avoid picking passwords that could be guessed by the people who know you. Examples include your nickname or initials, your pet’s name, birthdays or years, and the names and numbers from your address. If your password is somehow present in your accessible information, such as your social media profile, anyone looking at it can easily find it.

You should also refrain from using common words and patterns. Avoid no-brainers like “password” or “itsme”, sequences such as “abcdf” or “123456”, and keyboard patterns like “qwerty” or “qazwsx.”

If you need to write your password down, do not store it on your computer or desk. Ensure any written passwords are stored somewhere that’s secret.  Last but not least, using the same password for multiple Gmail accounts is risky. Use a different password for each of your important accounts, like your Gmail and online banking.

What Is An Example Of A Strong Password?

The perfect example of a strong password that follows all google password rules and meets all requirements would be “gW!uP2Q%dErf”. Actually, this almost-impossible-to-breach passcode is created by a free online password generator. 

How Can I Make A Google Password?

The best way to make a random strong passcode for free to use on Google is a password generator. With it, you can create an unlimited number of unique and strong passcodes of any length with symbols, numbers, and letters. Remember, however, to use a unique passcode on every single account in order to keep your sensitive data safe from snoops and hackers.

With Password Generator, creating bulletproof passwords is as easy as clicking on a button. Following all the cybersecurity rules, this tool allows you to automatically generate reliable credentials for your Gmail, using symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Additionally, you can choose the length of your password and control the risks of a data breach.

It would take hackers a decade to breach a complex combination of 10 characters long. This free online tool does not keep the generated combinations on its servers nor share them with any third party or authorities. Moreover, you can check the strength of the generated password on the website with other services and make sure that it will secure and protect your Gmail account.